Workplace, Retreats, Small Groups.

Yoga became an important part of my work/life balance over 25 years ago.  I turned to it for stress relief and soon realized the important connection between mind and body.  Yoga gives us this space to slow down, reset and restore so we can move through our days happier and healthier.  As a Register Yoga Teacher for over 15 years it gives me so much joy to create a safe, welcoming and approachable class for students to practice yoga.

Workplace yoga encourages employees to make health a priority.  It allows them to slow down, re-energize and have a productive day.  Wellness Within Yoga classes are customized to the employees needs, levels and access. Yoga reduces stress by bringing awareness to our bodies and breath creating a calming effect on our nervous system that we carry with us throughout our day. When employees have a clear mind and a body free of tension they have improved concentration and decision making skills.

Chair yoga is another class option. It opens up movement to those that are not able to get onto a mat and teaches poses to implement at a desk when bodies begin to tighten.

I sit most of the day at my computer so I really enjoy yoga at lunchtime and have noticed a difference in my posture.
Chair yoga has helped to improve my shoulder so I can play volleyball.