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Wellness Within programs are designed to help empower employees to make healthier lifestyle choices. Employees spend more time at work than home and life can be too busy to think about well-being. As a nation we are overwhelmed with information, yet plagued by food and lifestyle related diseases.

I spent a decade in corporate Human Resources before pursuing a career in Health and Wellness. While in HR I had the privilege to experience the benefits of a well planned workplace wellness program. Companies that promote mental and physical health see the long term benefits.

Because of my own corporate background, I’m passionate about applying my skills to help corporate teams achieve harmony in every part of their lives and become healthy, through and through.

True vibrant health is engaging and an investment in employee wellbeing builds lasting satisfaction within the workplace. Empowering, educating and inspiring employees to make healthy shifts benefits EVERYONE.



Benefits of offering employee health and wellness programs:

◆   Employee retention

◆   Increased productivity

◆   Reduction in absenteeism

◆   Improved workplace relationships


Wellness Programs & Workshops

Wellness workshops will break down quick fix dieting myths and motivate your team to integrate healthy lifestyle choices. Some corporate wellness programs focus on numbers only and while important, my focus is on helping employees make small shifts in habits and daily routines for lasting change. Topics range from nutrition, managing stress, healthy aging and how our daily habits impact our wellbeing. Customized onsite yoga classes.

Workplace wellness programs are emerging as a key building block in this new paradigm, helping promote a true culture of health in the workplace. These programs are based on prevention and integrated health management and are aimed at decreasing the burden of illness overall by focusing health management strategies ‘upstream’ from the onset of chronic disease. Rather than simply treating disease, wellness programs seek to keep healthy people healthy and bring people at high risk back from the brink of illness by managing health risk factors and promoting proactive health maintenance strategies.
— American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

The Four Tendencies Workshop

The “Four Tendencies” personality framework developed by best selling author, Gretchen Rubin, explains the different ways people respond to inner and outer expectations. A big challenge in life can be: ”How do I get people - including myself to do what I want?”

This workshop allows participants to identify their tendencies, and understand the differences among the four types so we can better understand our actions as well as others. Gain understanding of “why” we do “what” we do and how that impacts our communication and conflict resolution skills. We will engage in scenarios and discussions to practice applying this knowledge with co-workers, patients, students, or trainees.

Participants come away with specific actions to improve conflict resolution and understand different communication styles. Great opportunity for team building, corporate wellness events and management trainings.

The Four Tendencies workshop was one of the best of our two day team building event.
— Axon employee


Phaedria Kopp worked as an HR manager in the high-tech and financial industries and is passionate about workplace wellness. She’s been a registered yoga instructor since 2001 and was certified as an integrative nutrition health coach in 2017. She studied with leaders in nutrition, mind-body medicine, and spiritual transformation: Joshua Rosenthal, Deepak Chopra, David Katz, Andre Weil, Gabrielle Bernstein, Susan Blum, Mark Hyman, Geneen Roth, and David Wolfe.

Phaedria teaches corporate teams how to increase productivity by learning to manage internal and external expectations so they can improve time management and communication skills, navigate conflict resolution, and create positive team-centered working environments.



If you are an employer seeking an energetic and health-inspired environment,
let’s discuss your specific needs.

As your Certified Holistic Health Coach, I will partner with your HR
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