It’s awe-inspiring to watch people opt out of hustle-‘til-you-drop thinking
and into simple, transformative lifestyle choices.
Corporate managers tell me their teams
are stressed and lagging in productivity. Life pressures and poor lifestyle choices have led to higher
instances of preventable disease, contributing to rising health care costs. Employees tell me they’re constantly
trying to juggle work, home, and health. They often end the week feeling like they’re in the same mental
place they were the week before. Across the board, I hear about all kinds of challenges, from health emergencies
to weight gain to family struggles. People have access to more information than ever,
But they still feel overwhelmed and unhealthy. They don't know where to begin.

Here’s the thing:

There’s no master guidebook to help you achieve big life changes, such as work-life balance,
a true sense of peace, or a healthy, thriving body. That’s why wellness can feel so elusive. I want to take the confusion
out of it, to help you make steady daily progress that creates space and happiness in your life instead of more chaos.
I’m lucky to be able to help people find a path toward bright-eyed health and vibrant living.

I help people:

◆ explore their lifestyle choices

◆ observe how those choices impact their wellbeing

◆ connect the dots so they can make healthy life shifts.

When people feel in control of their health and inner lives, they’re able to communicate, focus, give
and receive feedback, and contribute in a way that’s meaningful and productive. Whether you need
workplace wellness or individual coaching, I’d love to find out what you need and help you create a wellness plan.


My own journey toward wellness started when symptoms of
a then-unidentified illness struck on my honeymoon.

I dealt with disruptions in nearly every part of my life, without much hope that I would heal.
I finally discovered the cause when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis,
an autoimmune disease that affects gut health.

Even as I tried to cope with my symptoms through a strict, limited diet, I noticed I had a
tendency to check out and numb myself when I was feeling overwhelmed.
I coped using coffee and sugar. I continued to pursue a frenetic pace of life.

It would take few more health emergencies and multiple surgeries to trigger the
kinds of lifestyle changes that helped me shift my priorities to create a
healthier, happier, more harmonious life,  as an employee, partner, and parent.

Through a workplace wellness program I was introduced to yoga.
Attending those classes opened the door, helping me seek new ways to think about health.

As I moved ahead, I became aware of the ways my own mind-body
connection played into my health and happiness, both at home and at work.

Now I’m combining the things I’ve learned on my health journey with my experiences in
yoga and integrative nutrition to inspire health, balance, and collaboration through
workplace wellness workshops, small group nutrition & lifestyle programs, and one-on-one coaching.

Let’s talk about your challenges as an individual or as a corporate team.
I would love to take a wellness journey with you.